Co-Create the 2024 you want and bring your future to you.

Are you tired of goal setting and New Year’s resolutions that don’t work?

Are you exhausted from pushing and striving to make things happen?

Are you ready to work with life instead of struggling through life?

Join the growing number of people changing their lives through this proven system of presencing the future that wants to happen. This is the same system that Maren and Stephanie use every year that helped them shift from figuring, fixing and forcing their lives to waking up to the beauty and abundance that was looking for them.

The Great Uplift is an engaging and empowered way of moving through 2024 into the future that is calling you, with a bonus of making space for a balanced and harmonious holiday season.

  • Practice an Ancient Way
  • Make Space for Your Future Self
  • Learn your Personal Harmony
  • Step Forward with Support
  • This is NOT Goal Setting
  • What If…
  • Choose Your Option
  • Our Part/Your Part

Practice an Ancient Way:

Each of the 12 Days of Christmas directly relates to a month of the following year.

In our hustle-and-bustle, new-is-better way of life, this ancient wisdom was buried. Luckily it was not lost completely. Our spiritual teacher, Daniel Goodenough, shared it with us and we’ve been using it to transform our own lives.

The past few years, we’ve been sharing it – for free. This year, we’re continuing the free version, and there’s an option, for all you high-achievers who want more, to join our ‘co-creation circle’.

Make Space for Your Future Self:

You push through every bit of the year giving yourself no time or space
“there’s so much to get done!”

You push through the holidays
“gotta get to the other side!”

You move immediately into the new year with big goals and dreams
“this year is the year!”

And you wonder why you are burnt out, exhausted and your goals stay beyond your reach.

Nature does it differently, she plants her seeds in the fall and nourishes them with layers of leaves, debris and snow to insulate and feed them for the winter. This allows them to emerge in the spring full of vitality seeking the light of the sun ready to fulfill their destiny of full bloom.

Our process makes space for you the way nature does – so you can connect to the future that is calling you. The one that’s been buried under your to-do list. The one that you feel in your soul.

Each day for 12 Days we walk you through the process of pausing for a moment and listening to your future self.

Learn your Personal Harmony:

The Sufi Mystics say that all disease is a result of being out of harmony, out of rhythm.

Investing your time through the 12 Days of Christmas and connecting to each month of 2024 with this Ancient Tradition is a path to reconnecting to your personal rhythm as well as becoming more aware of and nurtured by nature’s rhythms.

This is the foundation for connecting to all you desire AND to experiencing balance and harmony in your life.

Step Forward with Support:

You are used to doing it all on your own. You got this. You know how to power through.

The thing is it’s not necessary and is actually holding you back. Here, you can relax and know that you are supported.

Working with others on the path makes whatever you do easier and more joyful. Group support has been an essential part of 12 Days since we started and this year is no different.

Whether you choose the original, free, mostly Do It Yourself, the two group calls are included and the LI group is fully operational as it’s been in past years.

If you choose to join our co-creation circle, you’ll be working directly with Maren & Stephanie and an invested peer group throughout 2024. This is where we will go deeply into the unfolding of your future, the connection between the 12 Days and the 12 Months and your personal conversation with your own future.

This is NOT Goal Setting:

Co-creating your future is not a one-and-done goal setting session. It’s an on-going conversation that deepens your personal harmony with life and sets up a whole different set of rules for living. Magical, alchemical rules that, like the leaves and snow that blanket nature’s seeds, set you up to fulfill your destiny, your full bloom.

And you won’t have to do it all by yourself – you’ll be exploring this magical journey with others who are stepping beyond goals into their conversation with life.

What If –

What if you could be present to the guidance from life so that:

  • 2024 is the best year of your life
  • You are prepared, surprised and delighted by the unknown
  • You are recharged, resilient and connected with energy and vitality – for these 12 days, and for the next 12 months
  • Each season’s twelve days is honored, resulting in more space and enjoyment throughout the holidays
    2024 is the most magical, transformative year you’ve ever experienced
  • You’ve broken the conditioning of the past and are open and receptive to the incredible Future that wants to happen FOR you

You will learn the language of connecting to the future that is calling you and up-lift your 2024.

You will reclaim the original tradition of the 12 days of Christmas to empower, replenish and provide you the space to dance with life and the coming year.

You will radically change the out-dated, depleting paradigm of Christmas – shop, eat, push through, repeat – and instead replenish your energy, your sanity and the sacredness of the season.

Choose Your Option

To facilitate your process, you have two options.

1. Great Uplift FREE

  • Preparation call with Stephanie & Maren on December 21st (zoom call)
  • Personal intention setting on December 24th (prompt sent via email)
  • Twelve days of guided playful pause and reflection (prompts sent via email)
  • Epiphany Celebration call with Stephanie & Maren on January 6th (zoom call)
  • Support & community engagement throughout the process (private LinkedIn group)

2. Great Uplift with Co-Creation Circle $240 (only $20/month to change your life)

Everything from Great Uplift FREE (above) PLUS

  • 10 Live Calls throughout 2024 – 10 live follow up group calls with Stephanie and Maren for guidance, impact and inspiration
  • Community – you’ll be the first participants in the new Soulful Leader Project Community where you’ll be able to connect other participants from across the globe, find support with like minded people, learn from what others are doing and be a part of creating something bigger than yourself.
  • Accountability – when you commit to seeing the impact through the end of next year, you will show up and do the 12 days differently. What you put into something is what you get out of it. We know this first hand, so we’re all in – with you.

Our Part

We walk you through each part of the process from our prep call on Dec. 21st through the short daily emails to the Epiphany on January 6th. We participate in the LI group daily and answer any questions you might have.

If you choose the co-creation circle we walk with you through the whole next year.

We are 100% committed to helping you shift the paradigm of your life. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and NOW is the time.

Your Part

Show up in your heart and take at least 5-minutes each day for yourself. This will change the way you dance with life and connect you to the amazing future that is waiting for you.

If you choose the co-creation circle we are asking you to make yourself a priority for what it will change in yourself and the world. You are not alone, you’ll join an exceptional group of people who are committed, balancing giving and receiving, and celebrating the power of showing up and stepping up together.

We look forward to celebrating with you, stepping into our birthright of abundance and connection and creating our bright, light future together.

-Stephanie & Maren