Flow and Your Genius

When you’re in flow stress goes away. You may have challenges but you feel delighted by the opportunity to overcome them by employing your gifts and strengths.

Connecting to your deep self and discovering and acknowledging your gifts, strengths, and passions puts you in flow. Offering those gifts to the world in a way that gets our needs met eliminates pain, inspires you and ignites your passion and fills you with resiliency.

Four Virtual Live Sessions with Maren & Stephanie

May 3, 10, 17, 24 @ 12:30p CST (2:30p Atlantic)
May 15-18 @ 7:30a CST (9:30a Atlantic)

Where: Zoom

Join Stephanie J Allen and Maren Oslac in this 4 session discovery process. There is a future that wants to happen in your life, a deep inner calling. The first step to accessing it is connecting to your personal wisdom – which is found in your genius and your flow. Let’s journey together and discover your flow state. (Sessions are recorded if you need to miss a class)